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Cool I like this style. Ive been wanting to do one of these
my self. But in black in white :D


Great colors love the feel it gives off.
Its amazing all over so I'm left without much to say :D


Great coloring the reds really stand out.
The only thing that looks a little odd is the hand on the apple.


This is great I bet it took long time to get this thing done from the look of the work on the hair.


Great looks amazing!
You have a real talent with colors.


Your coloring is great so is your shadowing.
I have a couple of problems with this one haha. But hopefully you'll (unless you already did) grow from some critique.
The lips seem a little low to me also it seems you gave too much
space under the jaw, If you would of drawn the start of the neck closer to the chin it wouldn't make the face seem so forward.
The last thing is the ear, You should always take into account that the ear ends at the same length where the nose ends. Also if you run your fingers up your jaw bone you will see that ear is right next to it.
So if you would of brought it up and moved if forward if would look just about right. Also I suggest taking a picture of yourself of a face pose that you could be struggling with. You would be surprised how much it helps.

dreamzmighty responds:

Oh yeah. I've regretted this painting for a while now. I love the leave but the whole thing looks awful- But I did learn from it, and there for improved. Thank you. (:


Great sense of color the lost in her own thoughts expression sells it for me.
The hair is great (I maybe would of done a little more on her right side) But thats just me. The only thing that trows me off is the ear and the cheek bone blush.
Seems to me the ear isn't big enough and the cheek bone blush should be a little bit towards the mouth. But otherwise minor details to an other great piece.


I think I see what you did here.
Did you draw 2 different faces in one?
Because when i cover one half it looks great same with the other one.
Great colors on the background.


Wow great job, I love how soft the colors look!
The hair,glasses and mouth expression are great.
I cant help but wonder if you work with other materials
like oils, acrylics, pastels (ect)?
The only thing I would of done is maybe go a little further in to the neck
but not that much otherwise its pretty amazing.

dreamzmighty responds:

You can't get better if you don't try everything. I've done acrylics, pastels, water color, pencil, photography, photo shop, I've done some crafts, but I'm shit at them. I Have NOT tried clay yet. But I plan on it. My best works come from painting. Though I'm not too terrible with a pencil. Especially since if I mess up I can and will go in and erase it, can't do that with water colors though. (OR CAN YOU??? No. Not with the paper I use).


Thats an amazing job you did here

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